Where athletes are supported by experienced College and Academy Teaching staff

The Oaklands Wolves Sports Academies allow you to continue your education while following your dream of achieving your potential in your chosen sport. The unique programmes offered already host a portfolio of sports including; Athletics, Basketball, Cycling, Hockey, Men’s Football, Netball, Rugby, Women’s Football, plus our Athlete Support Programme for Cricketers, Combat Sports, Golfers, Badminton and Tennis Players, Swimmers and other individual athletes. On all Oaklands Wolves Academy Programmes, the acadmeic side of the course is considered paramount, and any student athlete’s participation on the academy programme will require total commitment to their studies alongside their sport. The individual timetable will allow time to combine both academic and sporting requirements, and stretch students to achieve in both areas.


In today’s competitive education environment, employers and universities are looking for students who display more than just one qualification. Taking a more holistic approach to learning multiple skills will help you to become a well-rounded individual and more attractive to employers and universities.

Your study programme will comprise of the following elements to help you achieve success:

  • Maths and English skills are highly regarded by employers and universities 
  • If you have a grade 3 in GCSE English and maths you will be required to re-sit these exams
  • If you have a grade 2 or below you will study Functional Skills at the appropriate level for you. Functional Skills are a steppingstone towards achieving a GCSE. 
Employability Skills and Work Experience
  • Every student will have a minimum of 20 hours of work experience and we have a dedicated team to support you.
  • We also have excellent relationships with local employers and companies.
Personal Development Skills (PDR)
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Mental Health
  • Higher Education Applications and Apprenticeships
  • Staying Safe – online and in the community
  • Finding Employment
  • Education on various other topics including Radicalisation, LGBT+, Cultural Awareness, Disability Awareness and Road Safety


To complete your process of joining one of our Oaklands Wolves Sports Academies, you may be required to purchase some additional kit, information regarding these kit packages can be provided by our Head of Academies.

Oaklands College offer partial kit funding and support for students who are unable to fund their kits and work closely with our providers to ensure the costings are kept as low as possible.

Online kit purchases can be made on the Kit Locker website – www.kitlocker.com


The Emerging Athlete Support Programme (EASP) aims to support athletes from sports which require specialist, external attention. These sports are traditionally delivered off-campus. The EASP includes a range of external sports such as Badminton, Golf, Tennis, Combat Sports and Kayaking.

Should you wish to combine your studies around your specialist external sports programme, please speak to Ryan Freckleton via the ‘Contact’ page.