Olivia [Livvy] Breen touched back down on British soil this weekend, after a fantastic Paralympic Games in Japan which saw her break a Paralympic record and set a new personal best in the process.

Olivia, a former Oaklands College student a graduate of the Oaklands Wolves Athletics Academy which has produced a plethora of Olympian and Paralympians since its inception, won a Bronze medal in the T38 Long Jump in Tokyo.

Pipped to the Silver and Gold medals by Margarita Goncharova of Russia and Luca Ekler of Hungary who produced a new World Record 5.63m jump, Livvy shone on the World stage and had a message for viewers:

“Sport can change your life as it has done for me. Find your passion and keep going – Don’t ever give up, it can be a journey and there can be lows but with moments like this it’s totally worth it.”

Livvy also featured in the T38 100m, where she finished sixth with a time of 13.13 seconds, another highlight of her time in Japan.