Our Cycling Academy aims to bring together talented and aspiring racing cyclists aged 16 to 18 in order to progress their skills, fitness and their capacity to become elite category senior riders. It’s the only one of its kind in the UK and as such has some of the country’s very best junior riders coming through it. The programme aims to expose all riders to as wide a range of cycling disciplines as possible throughout the two years whilst still allowing riders to specialise as individuals.

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The Cycling Academy provides the chance for talented aspiring riders to progress from the youth ranks right the way through to the senior ranks.

Our aim is simple: To help each and every rider develop their physiological capacity and racing to enable them to become the best rider they can.

This is achieved through a strong team ethic within the training group which trains together every day. Alongside this there is a full physiotherapy, strength and conditioning program run by our dedicated cycling-specific physiotherapy, strength and conditioning test.


Students train regularly at the Gosling Stadium Velodrome in Welwyn Garden City where they take full benefit of the track.

Beyond this, the vast majority of academy training takes place on the quiet lanes and rural roads stretching out from St Albans in the direction of the Chiltern Hills and surrounding counties of Bedfordshire, Essex and Buckinghamshire, all of which the academy reaches in its endurance training.

To compliment the roads are the diverse network of off-road trails, fields and woods which are within easy reach of the academy base.


The training model on which the academy is based closely mirrors models found in elite athletics whereby the academy trains together day by day (allowing for individual peaks and tweaks) and the athletes then go back to their clubs and teams to reap the benefits gained within that environment.

Alongside your on-the-bike training you will have regular strength and conditioning (gym and plyometric) sessions in our performance gym with our specialist coaches and there will be specific slots for you to book massages/physio treatment with one of our academy therapists.

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Oaklands Wolves Cycling Academy is so unique that there is no college specific cycling competition or league in this country that caters for this specific age group. Even British Cycling’s own Junior GB academy does not train together anywhere near as much as the Oaklands Wolves do. Therefore, as an academy, it does not have any competition.

Although riders will train in Oaklands Wolves Cycling kit the vast majority of their racing will be done with the club or team of their choice when they enter the academy. It is essential that we do not pull riders away from clubs and teams as we are all about helping the sport build rather than capitalising on it and therefore riders will not race ‘for us’ although we do regularly help place riders in good teams and clubs and connect them with these opportunities. Increasingly, team managers are asking us about the riders we have coming though and progression opportunities are increasing all the time.

The academy has excellent links in the cycling scene nationally and internationally, particularly in Belgium and France where we have strong links with training bases, clubs and elite teams and it is anticipated that riders will be exposed to these during their time in the academy. This has happened in years one and two where groups of riders have been placed with specific teams abroad for key races.