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Oaklands College is proud to be launching OUR first kumite karate Academy in the UK from September 2023


New students will be able to study across a range of academic courses including sport, business, and A levels.

The Oaklands Karate Academy welcomes students from all backgrounds and proficiency levels, whether they are beginners or experienced practitioners. The program provides a range of pathways to cater individual goals and aspirations, or if it is to pursue a professional career in martial arts.

The Oaklands Karate Academy offers an unrivalled opportunity for students passionate about Karate to train under the guidance of a world-class instructor. The curriculum combines rigorous physical training (strength and conditioning, plyometrics, speed and endurance), sport science, technical instruction, and theoretical knowledge, providing a comprehensive understanding of Kumite in this martial art. Through dedicated practice and structured learning, students will develop their physical fitness, discipline, self-confidence, fighting intelligence and leadership skills.

Students enrolled in the Oaklands Karate Academy will benefit from state-of-the-art training facilities, access to cutting-edge equipment, and a supportive community of fellow martial arts enthusiasts. 

Kumite Karate sessions will be delivered weekly as part of the study programme.


What will be included...

  • Strength and conditioning programme x 2 per week led by the Colleges professional S&C staff.
  • Access to the Sport Performance Medical Team
  • Weekly Kumite Karate sessions
  • All training to take place within the Colleges sports zone

All the above scheduled in alongside your study programme.

hear it from the coach...

Jordan Thomas a former World Champion and Gold Medalist in Karate will be the head coach of the Karate Academy here at Oaklands. 



How to apply...

The College is now open to applicants for the first-year intake.



Meet our coaches…

oaklands coming soon


Oaklands College karate will cater for individuals from beginner up to elite level.