This January, the Oaklands Wolves Sports Academies at Oaklands College have embarked on a monumental challenge that will see 8 elite sports academies collectively run, walk, cycle and swim 40,075km – The equivalent of an around the world trip from the UK.

Pioneered by Joy Porter; Head of Netball at Oaklands College, the challenge will test the academy students and staff and push them to the limit, maintaining their health, wellbeing and fitness throughout another difficult lockdown period.

The challenge will incorporate the essence of Teamwork – One of the colleges leading values, welcoming all staff and students at Oaklands College to increase their fitness activity, in order to reach the challenge target by the 1st March 2021.

As of the 13th January, the colleges collective kilometre total means the virtual around the world attempt is already passing through France, with the college clocking over 3,700km already.

Principal Zoe Hancock said; “This is a wonderful initiative involving the whole of Oaklands College and one that will help students and staff maintain a positive, healthy mindset during challenging times.”

If you are interested in taking part in this challenge, simply inform your tutor of your KM contribution total and ask them to forward on to the Marketing Department.