Oaklands Wolves Hockey have won the East Regional Tournament and are off to the Regional Finals!

In what was a freezing day, Oaklands College emerged victorious in the East Regional Mixed Tournament, securing their spot in the upcoming three-day national finals in April.

In their opening match against Colchester, Oaklands delivered a dominant performance, securing a 5-0 victory. The standout moment came from Mitch Cusk, who delivered an unbelievable reverse shot, that left the opposition goalkeeper with no chance. Cusk’s remarkable goal set the tone for Oaklands’ impressive run in the tournament.

The final showdown against Hills Road proved to be a tighter contest, with both teams showcasing their determination and technical ability. Oaklands, however, remained composed under pressure and secured a hard-fought 3-1 win to seal their fate in the national finals. The team’s success can be attributed to their cohesive play, strategic manoeuvres, and the exceptional individual efforts of the players. Special thanks to Liv Richardson, Miles Lax-Tanner, and Morgan Sayce who all produced great performances.

As Oaklands College looks forward to the national finals in April, their supporters eagerly anticipate more thrilling moments and outstanding performances on the field.